The winds are starting to blow

and I find the wind lovely. According to the Weather Channel, it’s only blowing about 20 mph, which has the leaves blowing almost all of the time. Sometimes gusts will blow the red dirt into the air. The winds are also bringing in cooler air. So it is still 85 + degrees, but you don’t break out in that instant, drenching sweat that existed in August, September, and most of October. People tell me the winds are the sign that the weather is getting ready to become more cool (read-tolerable and pleasant-you might even open the windows, rather than have your a/c on as much as you can. Not cool-like Montana blizzard cool). I’ve also been told that there will be times in December when the winds will come from the north and bring lots of dust from the desert-enough that you can see it in the air sometimes.

It’s the beginning of the best weather in Senegal.

It’s been so warm here that it’s hard to even imagine how cold it must be out west as the jet stream dips and a blizzard begins to form. Or how there is a foot of snow in parts of the east coast-the same areas just recently hit by a hurricane. It started feeling like everyone was fibbing about the pleasant weather just to try to help you make it through the sweaty hot and humid because they could tell you thought you might melt. Literally.  Kind of like when you are on a long hike and you can tell the kids are fading quickly and you tell them ‘we are almost there’. ‘It will be cooler in September’, ‘It will be cooler once it’s October’. ‘It will be cooler after October 15’, etc. Now it seems like maybe they were telling the truth. “First comes the winds, then the pleasant temperatures. The winds are the sign that good temperatures are on their way. You might even want to wear a jacket to school in the mornings then.” HA!

It doesn’t “feel” like November at all here.

The picture was taken during the WAISAL swim meet by a parent. It gives such a great view where you can see how close we are to the Atlantic Ocean every day.


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Kristine has been in education since 1993. She taught fourth grade in Ohio from 1993 - 2008. She has been a Curriculum Coordinator for four years. She is relocating to Dakar, Senegal to be the Director of Curriculum for the International School of Dakar in August 2012.
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