It’s a Beautiful Thing…

When you walk into a kindergarten classroom and it’s set up with different areas, beautiful age-appropriate rugs, and has a posted schedule that starts with morning meeting (sharing on Mondays), word study, writing workshop, a morning recess, reading workshop, lunch, math workshop with whole and small group activities, specials (art, music, PE, library, technology) and a daily French class. The class size is 9 and there is an experienced teacher as well as a full-time teacher aide.  The room is beginning to be decorated with student work.

It was like walking into a picture of what you would hope for every kindergarten student and teacher across the world. I’m in teacher dork heaven. It was enough to bring tears to my eyes-it was that lovely!


About bestbookihavenotread

Kristine has been in education since 1993. She taught fourth grade in Ohio from 1993 - 2008. She has been a Curriculum Coordinator for four years. She is relocating to Dakar, Senegal to be the Director of Curriculum for the International School of Dakar in August 2012.
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